Our Mission

Lybbie is a multi-faceted brand that seeks to empower and prepare moms with the best opportunity for a successful breastfeeding experience.

Through equitable education, personalized analytics, and modern support and solutions, Lybbie is bringing innovation and a mom-first mentality to the current state of lactation care.

What we do

Our Core Values


Our mission is rooted in providing the opportunity for moms to be set up for breastfeeding success, using daily analytics to offer solutions based on what’s best for mom and baby.

Increase + Encourage

We are the conduit providing moms and families the support, awareness, and knowledge needed to enhance their breastfeeding, and strengthen and sustain their milk supply.

Built By Experts

We are driven by our experience. Our technology, resources, and approach are designed by the nation’s leading experts in lactation and postpartum care.

Equal + Inclusive

As a community, we honor and hope to nurture all the ways parents can provide human milk to their babies - knowing every family's approach is different, yet all equally important.

Authentic + Personal

Our mom-first mentality acknowledges the challenges and changes that come with the first weeks of postpartum. We account for the mental and physical health and habits of mom and baby to ensure they are both taken care of.

Meet the Team

Dr. Andrea Braden

CEO & Co-Founder

A mother of five whose passion for advancing women’s health issues is a perfect leader for the Lybbie team.  She has a deep understanding of what moms are dealing with and has the answers to help. Visit Andrea’s website to learn more about her and her work.

Brant Bailey


With a strong background in SaaS, Tech, and EdTech, Brant is bringing organization, structure, and processes to scale Lybbie quickly. Outside work, Brant is passionate about photography, paddle boarding, and travel while balancing all of this with being a father.

Dina Ufberg

Co-Founder and CFO

A serial entrepreneur, and new mom, Dina is intimately familiar with the struggles of building your milk supply while balancing a career.  Dina runs Lybbie like her home, efficiently and effectively.

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